One More Day to Go–Special Preorder Perks!


In a very short time, the first three books from The Detective and The Woman Series will be launching in a special hardback edition with a new cover design! A little later in the year, Book 4 will continue the series. Learn more about the books here.

If you want to receive special preorder perks like signed copies and even the chance to name a character, you have one more day to take advantage of  the Kickstarter launched by MX Publishing! After this, the books will be available, but this will be the end of these special offers. You have a few more hours to get in!

Kickstarter Here

Last Minute Sherlockian Gift Guide

We’re entering the holiday home stretch, but if you’re still looking for gifts or stocking stuffers for the Holmesians in your life–or maybe for how to spend those giftcards coming your way–we have a few suggestions. Christmas delivery is still in sight, and books can be gifted electronically, so don’t despair. No Holmes enthusiast needs to be disappointed this holiday season!

Books with Baker Street Babes flair:













Available hereFemme Friday is the latest release by the Baker Street Babes and friends and is an essay tribute to the women of the Sherlock Holmes Canon and adaptations. Penned by women of all ages and all walks of life, it’s an analytical, insightful celebration of women by women.










Available here and now in several volumes including a Christmas anthology, the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories is perfect for the Doyle Canon lover who wants to dive into a host of new short story pastiches that adhere to a traditional interpretation. The Baker Street Babes are responsible for several stories across the series and are proud to be part of contributing all series royalties to Undershaw and the school for special needs children that resides there.












Available here, Lyndsay Faye’s latest release collects her greatest Holmesian short stories from the Strand Magazine and unites them with new tales filled with adventure, wit, and heart. Described by several reviewers as the best pastiche collection published in many years, Lyndsay’s stories will delight readers of all ages, stripes, and points of entry into the Sherlockian world.









Available here. So good she had to be listed twice, Lyndsay Faye’s novel-length pastiche connecting Sherlock Holmes with the Jack the Ripper investigation is a modern classic of the genre and a must-read for fans of Victorian Holmes.











Available here. Traditionally nontraditional, The Detective and The Woman (and subsequent books Winking Tree and Silent Hive) feature a mystery-solving partnership between Sherlock Holmes and a strongly-realized Irene Adler as they confront threats that take them to Florida, the Sussex Downs, and the London streets.

For Film and Television Lovers:









Available here. Relive the glory days of the first seasons of Sherlock with deluxe DVD and Blu-Ray sets that will delight the fans of Cumberbatch and Freeman, as well as the tightly-plotted web woven by Andrew Scott’s Moriarty.












Available here and considered by many to be the definitive Sherlock Holmes adaptation for all time, fans of the mesmerizing performance of Jeremy Brett will be delighted by this collection that contains every episode of this iconic series.













Available here. Witty and idiosyncratic, Elementary continues to delight television audiences and gain new fans with its ultramodern take on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. (Joan) Watson. Recent fans may not have had a chance to catch the first few seasons and will enjoy delving into hours of mystery-solving fun, including the mindbending and memorable guest role of Natalie Dormer.













Available here. Without Rathbone and Bruce, the history of Holmes on screen is incomplete. Relive the thrilling classic films that saw Holmes fighting Nazis and proving himself as a man of action long before Guy Ritchie came along.

Lovely Little Things:










Available here. Ali Miller’s beautiful tea set is not only a delightful object in its own right, but is also featured, along with other Ali Miller designs, in the BBC’s Sherlock. The Home Sweet Home set pictured here is seen in the iconic Baker Street tea drinking scene when Moriarty visits Holmes at 221b Baker Street.












Available here. Lovarzi’s delightful and stylish winter collection of Sherlockian hats and scarves will turn heads for years to come.


Holmes for the Holidays

I just finished writing “The Adventure of the Missing Irregular,” a Christmas-themed Holmes story that will be published in the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part 5, a holiday story collection coming out later this year.

When one of Holmes’s Baker Street Irregulars vanishes, Wiggins joins forces with his employer and Dr. Watson in a heartwarming tale perfect for reading by a (fake or real) Christmas fire.

My previous story, “The Adventure of the Traveling Orchestra,” is featured in Part 1 of this collection.

221b Con Book Club!

Book Cover Final

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that 221b Con, the Holmes-themed convention happening April 10th-12th in Atlanta, Georgia, has selected my first Sherlock Holmes novel, The Detective and The Woman, as their official book club selection. I’ll be on hand at the con to lead a discussion about the book. Until then, MX Publishing is offering 20% off any of my books at using the coupon code 221bamy

For more information about the convention, check out

The Detective, The Woman and The Silent Hive: My New Book



As much as I’m having trouble believing it, tomorrow is D-Day for my third novel The Detective, The Woman and The Silent Hive: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes. Like my other two, it stars Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

Here’s what it’s about:

The mysterious death of Irene Adler’s bees leads to a consultation with Sherlock Holmes and the discovery of a sinister connection to a case many years in the past. When this threat imperils the safety of everyone the detective holds dear, he and The Woman are forced to use every ounce of their ingenuity to save their friends.

If you’re a fan of the canon, you’ll enjoy how this story ties into Doyle’s “The Five Orange Pips.” If you’re unfamiliar with that story, though, this one stands alone. It follows on The Detective and The Woman and The Detective, The Woman and The Winking Tree, but you needn’t have read those to understand and enjoy it.

If you’re planning to attend 221b Con in Atlanta from April 4-6, I’ll be there with a few copies of each of my books for sale and would love to meet you.

I’d really like to hear about your experience reading the book. Hashtag #SilentHive or tweet me @Pickwick12 to let me know how you’re getting on. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

How to get Silent Hive:

If you’d like to catch up on all three books, Dr. Watson’s Lounge has a 3 books for 2 deal here.

Individually, The Detective The Woman and The Silent Hive is available from all good bookstores including   Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK, and for free shipping worldwide from Book Depository. In ebook format it is in Amazon Kindle.

How to get the previous two books in the series:

(Book 1) The Detective and the Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores and e-bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Classic Specialities – and in all electronic formats including Amazon Kindle , iTunes(iPad/iPhone) and Kobo.

(Book 2) The Detective, The Woman and The Winking Tree: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores and e-bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Classic Specialities – and in all electronic formats including Amazon Kindle , iTunes(iPad/iPhone) and Kobo.


The Detective and the Woman is Out!

The Baker Street Babes, the fabulous ladies with whom I podcast, are offering The Detective and the Woman as a pre-launch release from their bookshop. The release date is April 16th, but if you order from here, you will get it right away and be supporting the podcast as well.

Get it here!


England’s greatest detective and the woman who outsmarted him are thrown together by a criminal plot with implications that stretch across the Atlantic. Their investigation leads them to south Florida, where they meet legendary inventor Thomas Edison and employ disguise, wit, and courage to outsmart a diabolical villain.

My Book is Available for Pre-Order!

Wonders never cease! My book is available for preorder!

Irene Adler, American opera singer and the one woman who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes, finds herself a widow at thirty-two, wealthy but emotionally broken. At the same time, Sherlock Holmes finds himself unable to return to England after faking his death at Reichenbach Falls and is drawn into an investigation of two men with designs on a woman they call Miss A, who is none other than Irene Adler herself. The Detective and The Woman throw their lot in together to uncover a dangerous plot with implications that stretch across the Atlantic. In the process, they meet legendary inventor Thomas Edison and experience life in Florida at the turn of the 20th century.

Pre-order it through the Baker Street Babes using the link above.

It’s also available through and E-book formats will be available in the future.

Casting My Sherlockian Novel

My sister suggested I take a stab at casting my book, The Detective and The Woman, so I had some fun compiling a dream-team list of actors to play the main roles. Let me know what you think. Many of the characters may be unfamiliar (though several are historical), but I’d love to hear your thoughts on my Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Feel free to weigh in on the Edisons as well.

The Woman/Irene Adler (Liz White-Life on Mars)

The Detective/Sherlock Holmes (David Tennant-Doctor Who)

Mina Edison (Daniela Denby-Ashe-North & South)

Thomas Edison (Mark Gatiss-Sherlock)

Marion Edison (Molly Quinn-Castle)

Tootie McGregor (Kathy Bates-The Office)

Ambrose McGregor (Paul McGann-Horatio Hornblower)

Nelson Burroughs (Marshall Lancaster-Life on Mars)

Officer Morris (John Simm-Doctor Who)

John T. Murphy (Jeff Bridges-True Grit)

Karl Oeser (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau-Game of Thrones)