Sherlockian Gift Guide: The Sherlock Chronicles

Gift Target: Any fan of the BBC’s Sherlock

Sherlock Chronicls

It’s gorgeous, it’s engaging, and absolutely every Sherlock fan should own it. The Sherlock: Chronicles is a wonderfully detailed homage to the production of the hit series, and it’s now available in the United States in time to purchase it for all of the Sherlockians in your life.

It’s a coffee table-style book with gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos, background information, and details about the cast and crew. All too often making-of tomes are ridiculously facile collections of information and photos that every fan has seen a thousand times. This book is the opposite, containing unique information, original artwork, beautiful set pictures, and analysis of every angle of the show from the people who make it.

I would go so far as to say that this is the #1 holiday gift for any fan of this series. Highly recommend

Sherlock: Chronicles is available for purchase here

A copy of this work was provided by the publisher. All the raves are the reviewer’s own delighted opinion.
















































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