Book Review: Thrice Burned 

Last year, I reviewed the excellent Jewel of the Thames, the first mystery novel by Canadian author Angela Misri. This month, I had the opportunity to read her equally well-crafted sequel Thrice Burned.

Misri’s books have, as their protagonist, the immensely engaging Portia Adams, a young Canadian detective with a connection to Holmes and Watson. The mystery aspects and Portia’s detection style owe a great deal to Doyle’s works, but they are adapted to a slightly later point in time and Portia’s own unique personality. Misri’s meticulous research into the history of criminal arson is very much in evidence in this book and will please those who enjoy realism in their criminal fiction.

Thrice Burned is not a rehash of the previous book. It builds on Misri’s previous elements (though it can be enjoyed as a standalone work) and deepens Portia’s character as well as her relationships with Annie and Dawes–two very well fleshed out characters who serve as Watsonian foils to Portia’s Holmesian brilliance.

Misri is one of the most exciting new authors whose works I’ve encountered in some time, and Thrice Burned is another enjoyable installment that manages to be, all at once, very Holmesian and very much all Misri’s own.

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A copy of the above-reviewed book was provided by the author for consideration. All opinions expressed are the reviewer’s own.

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