221 Bee Well (Adaptation Mania!)


On Wednesday, May 7, after a long battle with Crohn’s Disease, I’m having major abdominal surgery. The picture above is of my recovery mascot, Mycroft the Bee.

In order to keep Mycroft from getting bored (he holds a minor position in the knitted bee government), I’ve decided to use my recovery to watch and review Sherlock Holmes screen adaptations.

Here’s where you come in. I need YOUR suggestions of which adaptations I should watch. Maybe it’s your favorite. Maybe you’ve never seen it but would like to read a review. It’s all fair game; just leave me a comment or tweet me @Pickwick12 or use hashtag #221BeeWell

Remember, the happiness of Mycroft the Bee depends on you (and I appreciate you too).

p.s. I’m planning to start this off by liveblogging Sherlock Holmes by The Asylum (aka the greatest adaptation ever) while on post-op painkillers.

Running list of suggestions:
Granada Series–Master Blackmailer & Six Napoleons
Rathbone Films
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
They Might Be Giants
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
No Place Like Holmes
Mary Morstan Mysteries
Arthur Wontner Films
Soviet Series
Star Trek TNG Holmes Ep
Ducktales Holmes Ep
Murder By Decree
A Study in Terror
Cushing Series
Wishbone Episode
BBC Radio Series
Without a Clue
Douglas Wilmer Series
Sherlock Holmes’s Smarter Brother
Zero Effect
Sheldon Reynolds Series
The Mask of Death
My Little Pony Episode
Jim French Devil’s Foot

Big Finish Audio Series



How to get my newest book:

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How to get the previous two books in the series:

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27 thoughts on “221 Bee Well (Adaptation Mania!)

  1. I think the Granada series with Jeremy Brett is far and away the best Holmes representation on film. I like the Benedict Cumberbatch series also, it is good but sometimes tries too hard and sometimes it reminds me too much of Dr. Who. And the Basil Rathburn/Nigel Bruce movies are classics, even if they do stray far from Sir Arthur’s originals!
    All the best for your recovery. Dicky Neely, Corpus Christi, Tx.

  2. I will probably be going through my own surgery soon with my own recovery so I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Good luck.
    The only 2 I’ve seen are The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes which Mark Gatiss loves and Young Sherlock Holmes which was probably my first real introduction. Both are products of their times and have cute parts and eye rolling parts.

  3. They Might Be Giants with Joanne Woodward and George. C. Scott
    The Seven Per Cent Solution
    The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

  4. Hi Amy – I think watching the web adaptation from the beginning ‘No Place Like Holmes’ which has completed it’s fourth season now. There is a new adaptation spinoff The Mary Morstan Mysteries that has started too. We screened an episode at our recent event at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel on Baker Street and only 3 from the 30 people in the audience were aware of the adaptation.

  5. I will follow your adaptation-watch with enthusiasm. what better way to watch Holmesian fare than high? I just discovered the Asylum Holmes (via Baker Street Babes) and it’s a hoot, you’re in for a treat.
    Blessings for an easy journey through the surgery.

  6. Firstly, I hope the surgery goes well and you’re back to your best soon. I’d definitely recommend watching the Douglas Wilmer TV series. From what I’ve seen of it (it’s not out on region 2 unfortunately) it’s very good. My favourite at the moment though is the audio plays from Big Finish – Nick Briggs is a great Holmes.

  7. I listen to Jim French Productions’ New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes so the name of the previous commenter looks familiar 🙂

    I tweeted (https://twitter.com/ruinednarrator/) some fun adaptations. For something more dramatic, here’s an audio adaptation of “The Final Problem” with John Gielgud as Holmes and Orson Welles as Moriarty. Their first meeting starts at 6:20 and a deliciously audacious addition to Doyle’s dialogue from Welles/Moriarty is at 8:02 – 8:07. https://ia600502.us.archive.org/4/items/OTR_Sherlock_Holmes_smurfmeat/The_Final_Problem_1954_32kb.mp3

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