New Book and Interview


My friend and fellow author Luke Benjamen Kuhns recently interviewed me about The Detective, The Woman and The Winking Tree and writing in general.

Here’s an excerpt:

You have a new book out now. A sequel to The Detective and The Woman called, “The Detective, The Woman, and the Winking Tree. Tell us about the book!

The book tells the story of a case mentioned in the original Holmes canon, the disappearance of a man named James Phillimore, who goes into his house to get his umbrella and disappears. Watson tantalizes readers by mentioning the situation, but he never explains what happened during Holmes’s investigation, so that’s what I set out to do. I also wanted to develop the friendship between Holmes and Irene Adler, which got off to a good start in The Detective and The Woman. 

How did the story come to being?

That ends up being a somewhat metaphysical question… As I said above, I was inspired by the canon mention of James Phillimore’s disappearance. Beyond that, I just let my imagination go and tried to keep the good and jettison the bad as I wrote and edited.

What is your draw to Irene Adler? 

I think Irene is an incredibly complex character. She’s one of the few people in the Doyle canon who start out with Holmes having one impression of them and succeed in changing it for the better. I really dislike when she’s depicted in pastiches as a sexually provocative femme fatale, since “A Scandal in Bohemia” shows her getting happily and respectably married, and the story is really more concerned with her clever mind than her sexuality. She’s the one woman and one of the only people in general who successfully tricks Sherlock Holmes in the original canon, and I’m drawn to her personality and her ingenuity.

Read the rest of the interview here.


Don’t forget, I’ve got a new book out!

The Detective, The Woman and The Winking Tree: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores and e-bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Classic Specialities – and in all electronic formats including Amazon Kindle , iTunes(iPad/iPhone) and Kobo.


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