Canon Thursday: First Holmesian Act of 2013

Mrs. Hudson1


It’s a new year, and Mrs. Hudson is looking over your shoulder to make sure you don’t neglect your Sherlock Holmes obsession. The question is, what was your first Holmesian act of 2013? If you haven’t done anything Holmesian yet, get with it! (And tell us your plans.)

My first real Holmesian act of the year was working on the editing process for The Detective, The Woman, and The Winking Tree, my second Sherlock Holmes novel, which is coming out February 13th.

How about you?


The Detective and the Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores and e-bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Classic Specialities – and in all electronic formats including Amazon Kindle , iTunes(iPad/iPhone) and Kobo. Grab it before the sequel launches February 13, 2013!

9 thoughts on “Canon Thursday: First Holmesian Act of 2013

  1. Hmmm….it was probably something like reading fanfiction in bed, to be honest. Or messing around with themes and illustrations on the FB page or the website. But, no, probably fanfiction. My first significant act was reviewing Maria Konnikova’s book, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, which is excellent. Looking forward to your new one!

    • Very nice! Probably, my first act of the year was actually retweeting something Sherlockian, but the first big thing was editing.

  2. On Saturday Jan 5, Holmes’ birthday eve, I watched “Sherlock Holmes in New York” on youtube. It was a 1976 TV movie starring Roger Moore as Holmes and Patrick Macnee as Watson. The last time I saw it was when it was original broadcast back in the day, and I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remembered. It was. It is almost so bad that it’s camp. Roger Moore plays Sherlock Holmes as Roger Moore. Patrick Macnee tries to out-Nigel Bruce Nigel Bruce as the good doctor and succeeds. The great film director John Huston is Moriarty. With his top hat, cape and hunched shoulders, he comes across like Mr. Hyde. While those three seem to be having inappropriate fun with the roles, Charlotte Rampling as Irene Adler plays it straight. If her part were better written, she would have been a great Irene. However, while recounting to Holmes the kidnapping of her child, she almost faints, twice! Very Un-Irene. If the scriptwriter had never read the Canon, at least he read Baring-Gould’s “Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street” (Holmes asks Watson, “Didn’t you know my full name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes?” and Homes and Irene reminisce about that week in Montenegro in 1891). While my memory was not wrong about the movie, I did come away liking it just a tiny bit. There’s a scene where Macnee gives Moore a manly pep-talk and we see an echo of the Holmes/Watson friendship. This Holmes gets the Watson he deserves. While the movie was released on DVD in Australia in 2012, it’s unavailable in the States. The version on youtube, however, is of high quality. Not recommended unless you’re in the right frame of mind.

  3. Watched Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Brett/Granada) on PBS on Thursday. “Shoscombe Old Place.” Laughed at young Spock in Star Trek reciting “Once you have eliminated … ” speech.

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