Canon Thursday: New Year, Same Holmes


It’s 2013 (whutttt?), and like many people, I’ve spent time over the past few days thinking about 2012. When it comes to Holmes, what a year I had!

New Year’s 2012 saw me joining the Baker Street Babes, an international, all-female podcast that discusses everything from Sherlockian scholarship to John Watson’s jumpers. As the months went by, I had a chance to help interview the composer of the score for the BBC’s Sherlock, the authors of a racebent Holmesian comic, and lots of other fascinating people.

Oh yeah–my first book was also published, The Detective and The Woman, the Holmesian mystery pastiche I penned during NaNoWriMo, in which I sent Holmes to south Florida and rekindled his friendship with the enigmatic Irene Adler.

Along the way, I met countless Holmesians of all ages and creeds and nationalities, and I came to realize what a hilarious, exciting, and ever-changing world we Sherlockians inhabit. It was, in a word: Epic.

It’s hard to imagine 2013 being as fabtastic as 2012 was, but Sherlock Holmes is always the same, and that’s why Holmesians always have something to look forward to. On Baker Street, the year is eternally 1895. We Sherlockians pen pastiches, draw pictures, argue, and laugh, like planets in orbit around a sun. Our world and interpretations change, but the amazing canon of 56 short stories and 4 novels remains ever the same. It’s a new year, and the world’s only consulting detective is waiting with a pipe and a slipper full of tobacco. Bring it on, 2013!

Oh, I also have a second book coming out this year. 😉 The Detective, The Woman, and The Winking Tree drops February 13, 2013. Grab The Detective and The Woman–You’ve got a month and a half to catch up!

The Detective and the Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available from all good bookstores and e-bookstores worldwide including in the USA Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Classic Specialities – and in all electronic formats including Amazon Kindle , iTunes(iPad/iPhone) and Kobo.


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