Canon Thursday: Minor Characters

If you had to come up with a story starring a character from the Holmes canon who isn’t Holmes or Watson, whom would you pick and why?

My first answer to this question is Irene Adler, and I’ve done it by writing books that are half in her voice. I’ve also written one short story from Mrs. Hudson’s perspective, and I’d love to explore her character more.

How about you?


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6 thoughts on “Canon Thursday: Minor Characters

  1. I love the idea of telling the story from Mrs. Hudson’s POV. I think she could give us a deeper insight into Holmes and Watson. The only other character who might have an interesting POV would be Toby, the dog. He would vacillate between being slap-happy and condescending.

  2. Well, I loved your portrayal of Irene – the wee bit I’ve heard at our reading night; think it has to be Lestrade. There have been Mycroft stories written a while back. My second choice would be Wiggins, and of course, that was done in “The Baker Street Boys”, a BBC children’s series which I WISH they would put on DVD

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