Canon Thursday: Sherlock Holmes’s Worst Day


I’m having what can only be described as an abysmal day at work. This led me to wonder:

What is Holmes’s very worst day in the canon?

There are several possibilities, of course. I’m inclined to pick the day Holmes learns that he has lost his client in “The Five Orange Pips.” His realization of his mistake in “The Adventure of the Yellow Face” is another contender, though he seems to take that one in stride pretty well. To me, days of failure are some of the best contenders for Holmes’s “worst” because he hates to be wrong, but there are certainly other possible perspectives.

What do you think? What is Sherlock Holmes’s worst day ever? Let me know in the comments.

Book Review: No Police Like Holmes



No Police Like Holmes

By Dan Andriacco

Reviewed by Amy Thomas

The Baker Street Babes

Some Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts take life very, very seriously. Author Dan Andriacco is not one of these people. His novel No Police Like Holmes is a wickedly funny satire of the modern Sherlockian world and an engaging mystery as well.

The story opens with a hilariously motley collection of Holmes-obsessed individuals who can’t wait for a glimpse of rare Holmesian artifacts, and it goes on to romp through theft, murder, and irrepressible Sherlockian humor.

Andriacco’s characterizations are particularly charming, and his two sleuths—the cynical Jeff Cody and expansively gregarious Sebastian McCabe—are both the odd couple and oddly suited to each other, as different as Holmes and Watson, but in the end, just as essential to each another.

No Police Like Holmes is a chocolate bar of a novel—delicious, addictive, and leaves a craving for more. Holmesians of all tastes and ages will recognize themselves in Andriacco’s characters and enjoy his fast-paced plot. Thankfully, the series continues, and fans can satiate their desire for more with Andriacco’s next novel, Holmes Sweet Holmes.

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*This book was provided for consideration by MX Publishing.

Canon Thursday: Minor Characters

If you had to come up with a story starring a character from the Holmes canon who isn’t Holmes or Watson, whom would you pick and why?

My first answer to this question is Irene Adler, and I’ve done it by writing books that are half in her voice. I’ve also written one short story from Mrs. Hudson’s perspective, and I’d love to explore her character more.

How about you?


The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes is available through Amazon , Amazon UK, Kindle, The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide), Barnes and Noble, and MX Publishing.

Omnimystery Review: The Detective and The Woman

There are a number of clever elements to The Detective and the Woman, not the least of which is the time frame in which the action take place. The setting — turn of the century southwestern Florida — is well drawn and seems perfectly suited to the mystery storyline. 

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