Mystery Trivia Tuesday


Recently, I was interviewed by Kathleen Kaska, author of the superb The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book and several other outstanding books. Today, her thoughts on The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes and my interview have gone live on her site as part of Mystery Trivia Tuesday. Here’s an excerpt from the interview, and be sure to link through to the rest!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of your Holmes novel, The Detective and the Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes, which by the way is a wonderful title?
Thank you! When I reread the canon in 2010, I was particularly intrigued by “A Scandal in Bohemia,” the story in which Holmes meets Irene Adler. The story is a fascinating one because Holmes begins it with a very negative opinion of Irene and ends it thinking she’s clever and more honorable than his client. She’s an audacious and interesting character, and I found myself wanting to imagine a future in which she and Holmes could form an actual friendship based on understanding and respect. That was the subject that inspired me. I was also inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a program that encourages participants to pen a whole novel in a month, and that’s how I got the story fully on paper.
Read the full interview here.

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