Canon Thursday: Holmes in a New Time

You’ve been given enough money and time to create a brand new adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes canon (book, film, tv show, radio play, you name it). There’s only one stipulation. You can’t set it during its original time period.

Which alternate time period would you choose? Why?

My answers:

If faced with this challenge, I’d like to go backwards in time and try to place Holmes and Watson pre-1800. (Jennifer Petkus did a very entertaining and unorthodox sort of take on this in her novel My Particular Friend, which I highly recommend.)

My reason is that in general, adapations have brought Holmes forward in time, and I would love the challenge of trying to express the spirit of the canon in a pre-modern time period.

I would love to hear your picks. Let me know in the comments.

1 thought on “Canon Thursday: Holmes in a New Time

  1. You know, depending on exactly how far back you placed him, he would probably be considered a witch for his unorthodox methods and would therefore be run out of towns and everything that implies. For instance, God forbid he be placed in the 1600’s. He’d have been burned at the stake!

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