Canon Thursday: Favorite Holmesian Setting?

As I’ve said before, my favorite Sherlock Holmes story is “The Copper Beeches.” That’s also my favorite setting. I love the idea of a perfectly normal country house that suddenly seems creepy because of a few small touches and the people inside it.

How about you? Is Holmes’s beloved London city setting your favorite, or, like me, do you prefer something else? Let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Canon Thursday: Favorite Holmesian Setting?

  1. Dartmoor, of The Hound of the Baskervilles and Silver Blaze people, has got to be up there. But London is always excellent, one of the reasons The Sign of the Four is such a favorite. The boat race on the Thames is a classic. I’ll never forget the meeting with Thaddeus Sholto, in front of the Lyceum Theater, “third pillar from the left”. Also, Pondicherry Lodge, home of Major and Bart Sholto, located in Upper Norwood, is just the right amount of exotic and mysterious.

  2. I just LOVE the London vs. ‘The Moor’ in HOUN. Things that they, as Watson says, can laugh about in London are suddenly not so funny when your looking out over the lonely moor lands yourself and hearing THE sound with your own ears. Awesome!!! 😀

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