The Detective and The Woman: How to get it


It’s been a month since The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes was officially released by MX Publishing, and it’s been a month filled with book-signing hijinks, lovely reviews, and increased availability. Here’s a master list of ways you can get the book, both as a paperback and as an e-book.

As a paperback:

The Baker Street Babes Bookshop (Portion of all proceeds helps out our podcast)

MX Publishing US

MX Publishing UK

Classic Specialties

Amazon USA 

Amazon UK

The Book Depository (ships free all over the world)

As an e-book:

Apple iBooks (purchasable through the app)

Amazon US Kindle Version 

Amazon UK Kindle Version (I can’t link it because I’m in the US, but if you click into the paperback version, you’ll see a link to it)

Kobo (This link provides the e-Pub version, which works for nook, Sony, and many other e-readers)

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