Canon Thursday: Favorite Female Character


This past Sunday saw the PBS airing of A Scandal in Belgravia, featuring Steven Moffat’s update of the clever and enigmatic Irene Adler. In honor of this, Canon Thursday has a very specific question:

Out of the three main women in the Holmes canon, who is your favorite? I’m aware that others are mentioned in passing, but these are the three I want to focus on because of their greater presence.

1) Irene Adler

2) Mrs. Hudson

3) Mary Morstan

Which one do you love the most and why? Let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Canon Thursday: Favorite Female Character

  1. In the book, Irene appears very little, comparatively, but she leaves a great impact on Holmes, Watson, and the reader. She is The Woman, strong, independant, sharp, Holmes’ equal for all their differences. She beats him and stays with him in spirit. She is, hand down, my favourite female character, even if I am sometimes quite disappointed with how the adaptations treat her (especially Guy Ritchie’s). In Sherlock and in Granada, she is spectacular.
    Mary Morstan is also a very interesting character, if only because of how many different versions of her have been created. They vary in personalities and roles much more than Irene. In canon, she has an inner strengh and nobility of character that draw Watson to her, which I find myself quite enthralling. In Granada, she is both very sweet and strong, but a whole part of her relationship with Watson has been erased. In the Russian serie, I love her quite a lot, and so do I in Guy Richie’s adaptation. In general, except perhaps for the Matt Fewer’s serie, I appreciate her.
    Mrs Hudson, now, that’s different. It’s very difficult not to be fond of her, and the maternal figure she represents for “the boys”. I love her in canon, and in Sherlock, her relationship with the detective is very heartwarming and interesting. So is her depiction in Granada.
    To conclude, three very interesting characters, but I would like to add Violet Hunter, Helen Stoner and Violet Smith as exemple of strong female characters within the canon that I appreciate.

  2. “Boys! You’ve got another one!” I do like this Mrs. Hudson and she is by far the most important woman in the Canon. Mrs. Watsons come and go, but Mrs. Hudson remains.

  3. Mrs. Hudson is hard not to like, but we really don’t see much of her in the Canon. With the possible exception of The Dying Detective, she really has no dialogue, and is mostly an off-stage presence. Her greatest moment is in The Empty House, when she turns Holmes bust while presumably crawling on hands and knees, and cool picks up Morgan’s bullet after he, thinking it is the real Holmes, fires at it through the window of Holmes’s room.

    Violet Smith (from the Solitary Cyclist) has always been one of my favorites. She is both beautiful and nobody’s victim, a girl that really knows how to take care of business and not be messed with. I am also a fan of Emilia Lucca(The Red Circle), the only woman in the Canon who ever lived in my home town (Brooklyn) and whom I always have believed there was more to than met Watson’s eye.

  4. The long-suffering Mrs. H! Think of all that she put up with. Holmes really couldn’t be Holmes without her. I like to think that she really did go to the Sussex Down with him when he retired

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