The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson: Review

As a book reviewer for the Baker Street Babes, I have the opportunity to read a lot of pastiche and other Sherlock Holmes-related material. Once in a while, a truly exceptional book catches my eye, and this past week, I had a chance to review one that stood out in a major way: The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson by Phil Growick.

The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson takes Sherlock Holmes and his Boswell on an adventure to Russia during the Bolshevik revolution, putting them in contact with historical and fictional figures alike as they pursue the rescue of the Romanovs. Danger stalks them at every turn, and they are constantly confronted with their own mortality and the need for the detective’s mind to be at its most keen.

Growick takes the traditional approach of using Watson’s voice, conveyed in daily journal entries. This technique is effective, and the Holmes and Watson encountered by the reader are canonical and engaging. The book bears the official Conan Doyle estate seal with good reason; the quality of its research and writing are impressive.
Read the rest of the review at the Baker Street Babes
You can purchase the book here
A copy of this novel was provided for consideration by MX Publishing.

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