Canon Thursday: Mycroft Holmes

Yesterday’s discussion about favorite supporting Holmes characters yielded a clear winner, the enigmatic and mysterious Mycroft Holmes.

What is it about Mycroft that continues to enthrall readers and tempt filmmakers to increase his character’s presence in the stories?

Mycroft is an engaging mixture of qualities that are similar to his brother’s and qualities that are a opposite, a larger-than-life figure with a brain even more clever than Sherlock’s, but a body far less inclined to motion. He shares his brother’s love of the precise and intellectual, but has none of the frantic energy that sends Sherlock reaching for a syringe when his mind has nothing to challenge it.

The Holmes brothers obviously have a non-traditional relationship, but Mycroft is ready and waiting when Sherlock needs him the most.

Mentioned in only four canon stories, Mycroft still won’t get out of our heads. Why do you think that is? Tell me in the comments.

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