Favorite Supporting Character

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are the uncontested heroes of the Sherlock Holmes world, but with them comes a host of supporting characters, from the most significant, such as Inspector Lestrade, to unnamed household staff members and everything in between. In a universe that mostly consists of short stories, each character has a purpose, and none is superfluous.

For me, Mary Morstan, Watson’s first wife, is the nearly-silent heroine of the early Sherlock Holmes stories. She falls for Watson during a case, meaning she has a clear understanding of his consuming partnership with Sherlock Holmes, and she continues to tolerate it until her death, apparently choosing not to impede her husband’s friendship in any way.  From her characterization in The Sign of the Four, she doesn’t strike me as a woman who sits around twiddling her thumbs. I believe she has a rich life, both with and without her husband, and the hours he’s with Holmes are filled by her in enjoyable ways.

Do you have a favorite supporting Holmes character? Let me know in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Favorite Supporting Character

  1. Hmmm…. I’d have to say Mycroft; his shared past with Sherlock, as well as the enigmatic nature of his–well, whatever it is he does as “the British government” make him fascinating. The way he’s generally portrayed on film and in pastiche just adds to that. Then, Mrs. Hudson. However could our boys function without her? And I agree with you about Mary Morstan. It’s a shame ACD didn’t do more with her. Think about it–she married a man who was a soldier, a doctor, and, essentially, a policeman–three professions in which the wife will never, ever, ever come first. She was a saint–but it had to be an exciting life.

  2. Definitely Lestrade! There isn’t enough Lestrade in the episodes. (Talking about BBC only here!!) And Mycroft, yes. And Molly! 🙂 I think she’s my favourite female character of all movies I’ve ever seen, not just Sherlock. She’s the opposite of all the stupid bimbos who are only long legged and short brained and give an image of women I detest! Molly is honest, lovely, loyal, intelligent, capable, strong and very pretty- and doesn’t know it. She’s a bit shy and a bit awkward, but she’s the best friend one could wish for and she’d make a wonderful mother for a lot of little Sherlocks. :-)))

  3. There are many characters I love so so much in all the various formats of Sherlock Holmes, but do to how much I love Mycroft “the British government” Holmes and all his croftiness in every single one, he culminates to be my favorite.

  4. In TV land, Mycroft on Sherlock; I love his power but also the fact he’s so totally impressed by his brother. From the books and stories, I really like the Baker Street Irregulars. From non-canonical lit. I adore Mary Russell and her exploits with Holmes.

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