The Baker Street Babes

It’s no secret that I podcast with an all-female team of clever, hilarious, and multi-cultural Sherlockians called The Baker Street Babes.

Formed in early 2011, the Babes currently have a library of 19 available episodes with topics ranging from interviews with notable writers to BBC Sherlock episode reviews and everything Holmesian in between.

I joined the Babes in 2011 to help interview bestselling author Laurie R. King, and then they invited me to join them permanently in early 2012. In addition to contributing to the podcast, I have the privilege of reading all kinds of quality Holmesian fiction and nonfiction and reviewing it for the website.

The Baker Street Babes are intelligent, witty, and most of all, fun. I hope the enjoyment we feel when we record continues to bring joy to listeners for a long time to come.

The Baker Street Babes on the web

1 thought on “The Baker Street Babes

  1. Well, personally I enjoy the podcasts enormously…I listen to them while I make the long drive to class and they keep me awake! Hurrah for the Babes!

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