Which Footie Team Would Watson Support?

Today is Superbowl day in the United States, which leads me to wonder, which football (soccer) team would our favorite doctor support? It’s almost impossible to imagine Sherlock Holmes following the football, but easy enough to imagine his friend doing so. Would he be a Man U guy? Chelsea?

Any thoughts on this silly topic?


3 thoughts on “Which Footie Team Would Watson Support?

  1. I like to think that being a man of taste and distinction he would support my own beloved Arsenal FC, certainly not Man Utd. In my nightmares he would support Spurs, ugh!

    Sherlock Holmes would be resolutely uninterested in football and indeed sport generally but John Watson is absolutely a pint and a football match kind of man.

  2. Watson would support Hibs. Doyle modelled Watson after himself, being born in Edinburgh I would think that would be elementary.

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